Top 10 Xiaomi products that you do not know


  • 1. Elektrosamokat Xiaomi MiJia Smart Electric Scooter
  • 2. Mouse Xiaomi Portable Mouse
  • 3. Smart Scale Xiaomi Smart Scales
  • 4. Laptop Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3
  • 5. The plate Xiaomi Mi Pad 3
  • 6. Keyboard Xiaomi Mi Keyboard White
  • 7. TV Xiaomi Mi TV 3
  • 8. The electric bicycles Xiaomi MiJia QiCycle
  • 9. Monokoleso Ninebot One E
  • 10. Camera Xiaomi Yi M1

Having started with the production of cheap smartphones, Xiaomi company was able to achieve a leading position not only in China but also in the global electronics market.

Now the group is expanding rapidly, capturing new areas of digital technology, and even transportation. In honor of the imminent anniversary of the company, we have prepared a selection of interesting items from Xiaomi, which you might not know.

Elektrosamokat Xiaomi MiJia Smart Electric Scooter

Price: 25 000

Xiaomi attempt to make quiet ecological transport for each success. MiJia aroused great interest among the brand's fans. The apparatus was a solid aluminum body, a foldable structure and 25 km / h maximum speed.

Manage elektrosamokatom even easier than other types of personal transportation. Ryder enough leg to push off from the ground to activate the motor unit. In MiJia even have cruise control, which itself controls the rate of speed. battery life is enough for about 25 kilometers in human weight of 80 kg.

Elektrosamokat can overcome puddles and mud shallow flat surface dirt. E-filling apparatus is protected by IP54 standard. Also there is the ability to synchronize with a proprietary application from Xiaomi Smart Home.

Mouse Xiaomi Portable Mouse

Price: 1 000 - 1 500 rubles

Style Apple gadget many producers is haunted. Smooth shapes comfortable computer mouse from the American company shone among Xiaomi products. Devaysa housing is made of plastic, placed on the working surface scroll wheel and two buttons. Tumbler inclusion recessed into the bottom plate.

Power Portable Mouse provide two AAA batteries in a round bottom compartment. Removable parts mice do not play and do not creak when used daily. The absence of sharp lines in the design clearly benefited from enhancement. Portable Mouse fits in your hand much more organic than most cheap USB manipulators for laptops.

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The buttons emit a slight click when pressed. For keys not require much effort, but the random operation are also excluded. An interesting feature of the device - the ability to simultaneously work immediately with two synchronized devices. To connect you can use Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi.

Smart Scale Xiaomi Smart Scales

Price: 1800 rubles

Smart scales were introduced back in 2015 and quickly gained a leading position in sales. Many buyers are attracted low price, shortly after the release of Smart Scales cost only $ 15. Externally, the device looks like a solid white plate with brand logo. In the manufacture of the housing used plastic and glass.

At the bottom of the small scales have a slider which can be set per unit of weight measurement. The device is also able to synchronize with the Mi Fit application for scheduling changes physique. Immediately after weighing Smart Scales constitute an index of body weight ratio with the visual adipose and muscle tissue.

The current weight is displayed on the upper LED-display. He has a fairly bright backlight, which helps a lot in the dark. The only drawback Smart Scales - a significant margin for CIS customers. Due to the large size of China's shipping is not cheap, and the mark-up in local stores sometimes reaches 100%.

Laptop Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3

Price: $ 995

The older version of the 13.3-inch Notebook Air - an exemplary example of minimalism in design. The Chinese are limited to the strict forms with monotonous design of the entire device, the top cover is not even a company logo. The laptop comes in Gold and Silver colors. Case Notebook Air is made of metal.

The device supports USB Type-C. The multimedia capabilities of a notebook represented by the two stereo speakers AKG. Display Notebook Air covered with a protective glass, which does not collect scuffs and fingerprints. The device comes to the market with two different processors: Intel Core i5-6200U or Intel Core i7-6500U. Both modifications have 8GB RAM drive and SSD 256 GB.

13.3-inch Notebook Air - not gaming platform, but the GDDR5 graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 940MX still be able to pull the latest game news on low settings. However, the long play did not turn out as well as the CPU heats up to a critical point in half an hour. The battery capacity of 37 Wh operates to four hours in the mixed mode.

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Flatbed Xiaomi Mi Pad 3

Price: 20,000 rubles

The first tablet in the series Mi went quite good and had a high rating of sales. But the next generation has failed both technically and financially. The Mi Pad 3 manufacturer tried to revive the success of the debut devaysa line.

Externally, the device looks more like a copy of the enlarged budget Redmi smartphone with typical touch-sensitive keys below. 7.9-inch display with a resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels proudly bears the name of Apple's Retina manners. There is a reading mode to reduce eye strain.

The device is based on a six-core processor MediaTek MT8176 with a clock frequency of 2.1 GHz. The user also 64GB of internal memory available. can not be enlarged internal storage, as in a connector plate offline microSD. Performance Mi Pad 3 would be enough even for gamers in Antutu device produces around 81,000 points.

Keyboard Xiaomi Mi Keyboard White

Price: $ 55

This accessory Chinese have tried to combine the convenience of a mechanical keyboard with a portable comfort. Mi Keyboard uses mechanical switches and parts, which is why devaysa weighs as much as 940 grams. To support the wrists on the bottom panel there are two legs with adjustable tilt.

The successful combination of aluminum and plastic parts will last for many years. The notation keys stable paint applied, the letters are not erased even after several years of intensive use.

Mechanical keyboard switches have depression force of 45 grams. Compact dimensions and precise responsiveness Mi Keyboard make an excellent candidate for the role of a tool for typing or long games. Present key illumination with six brightness levels. Getting started does not require additional software, connect the keyboard to the computer enough on the principle of Plug-n-play.

TV Xiaomi Mi TV 3

Price: $ 800

Mi TV 3 - one of the most budget 4K TVs on the market. "Smart" platform 60 dyuyomoy panel lies not in the device itself, and in soundbar that comes with TV. This decision is made specifically to the case of iron updates to customers able to purchase new electronic filling in just a quarter of the cost of the kit.

Panel television viewing angle - 178 degrees, the reaction rate is 7 milliseconds. Special MEMC technology improves the quality of dynamic scenes in real time. The Hardware soundbar represented chipset Mstar 6A928 gigabytes with two three-channel internal memory.

An independent audio system with Hi-Fi sound with a wide frequency range is perfect for watching movies. TV is running Android with a proprietary shell MIUI.

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Electric bike Xiaomi MiJia QiCycle

Price: 32 300 rubles

Electric bicycles have long ceased to be something new on the market has formed quite a tough competition. Xiaomi went on the beaten track and released his vision of personal electric transport in the budget category.

Externally QiCycle fully meets urban style - clean lines and disproportionate design will look great in the city. Bicycling is made of aluminum, it is placed in front of a sufficiently bright lamp. At first it may seem that QiCycle not very useful, but the first impression is deceptive.

Built-board computer responds to the human effort and includes an electric motor before the steep climbs. Several high-speed modes allow to accelerate to a maximum speed of 40 km / h. One battery charge is enough for about 45 km away.

Monokoleso Ninebot One E

Price: 50 000 Rubles

To manage such an exotic means of transport of relatively light body turns. Blisks also requires some trial heats, which will help the novice person comfortable with balancing device. Beginners can ease the task of attaching little wheels on the sides of the apparatus.

Ninebot One casing is made of highly durable magnesium alloy. Electrotransport able to withstand the maximum load of 120 kg. Moreover, its power reserve is equal to 25-30 km. Electronic filling blisks protected drip-proof standard that allows you to use the device on a wet road surface.

Model C - junior option Ninebot One. 450-Watt model engine can disperse monocycle to 16 km / h. Statistics movement apparatus is displayed in a synchronized application of Xiaomi.

Camera Xiaomi Yi M1

Price: $ 575

M1 - the first attempt to create your own professional camera subsidiary YI, founded in 2014. The lack of experience in this field, has played into the hands of the Chinese, but some interesting features were still a novelty.

Housing bezzerkalki made mostly of metal, but plastic lenses from a kit. As for the professional photographic equipment, M1 fairly compact camera, which is very comfortable in the hand. The front panel has a rubber lining for comfortable grip during shooting. Touch 3-inch display is located on the rear side.

M1 is used inside a 20-megapixel photo sensor Sony IMX269 with standard Micro Four Thirds. With the camera, you can use a great number of optical accessories. Supported by 81 focus point. M1 is able to take pictures with a maximum resolution of 5184 x 3888 pixels and write 4K video.

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